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Make ordering simple and easy. Give your clients a streamlined system to order from you.
What is a Company Store?
A company store is a web based solution that simplifies the ordering of business and sales collateral. It is an excellent way for your client to automate the distribution of marketing materials. Let us help you sell and/or set up a Company Store for your clients and streamline their buying.
The Benefits of having a Company Store
Control Branding -

Master electronic templates are designed to meet your clients’ company standards and eliminate incorrect usage of logos and type. Help your client maintain consistent brand elements designed and approved by corporate marketing departments. The individual can personalize their own order within the predetermined parameters.

Reduce Costs -
Once templates are created, costs to create customized sales materials are minimized due to reduced turnaround times, revisions, and proofs.

Save Money? Reduce Waste -
On-demand collateral is electronically stored then produced when it is needed avoiding costly storage, shipping, and obsolete material disposition costs.

Track Inventory -
On-line look up and e-mailed low stock notices reduces "out of stock" situations.

Speeds Delivery/ Increases Accuracy -
Company stores automate the entire ordering system, allowing items to be printed and shipped on time.

Eliminates Requisitioning -
Once a master contract is in place, authorized personnel can place orders via the web from anywhere in the world. The systems can integrate with many pre-existing accounting systems like SAP, Peoplesoft, ect.

Eliminates Unauthorized Orders -
Company stores include password entry and a system requiring authorization for certain levels of personnel.

Keep Control -
Even though e-Commerce products allow for decentralized ordering, the Four51 system maintains approval processes designed to give managers ultimate control.
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